Electric Supply

Electric generation purchasing options vary according to a company's size, location, usage and risk tolerance. RJT Energy's experts will work with you to determine the appropriate product for your business. Below are the most common types of electricity products:

Fixed Price Product. The fixed price product locks in the generation rate and is available for up to a five-year term. Ideal for customers looking for budget certainty, fixed-price products eliminate exposure to market volatility by locking in a pre-determined price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumed over the life of the contract.

Variable Indexed Product. The indexed price is a variable priced product based on real time market prices where the customer can switch to a fixed price without penalty. Ideal for customers who think that the cost of energy is going to decrease in the future and therefore do not want to be locked-in at a higher fixed rate.

Block Price Product.  For companies willing to take on some risk but have concerns about letting all of their energy pricing float with the index, a block-and-index combination is a good choice. This product lends itself well to a growing business that can layer in additional electricity usage as the business expands. The company can lock in a fixed price up front for a portion of its load and pay the index price for the remaining volumes. This strategy also makes sense if the company wants to lock in portions of the contract price at various times, since the company can buy multiple blocks of power over time. This approach provides a partial hedge against market volatility.

Green/Renewable Products. Green power products and renewable energy certified Green-E products are available to all of our customers from a variety of our suppliers. Green power comes from the sun, wind, earth and water. Renewable energy fuels include solar, biomass, hydro and geothermal. RJT Energy will work with you to ensure that your energy contract contains the renewable content you need to qualify for certifications such as Renewable Energy Certificate (REC), Green-E Certification, Green-E Climate Certification and Carbon off-set verification. RJT Energy can tailor a green energy program specifically to your needs.